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Smart Cookie Trivia

Smart Cookie Trivia is a fun, challenging, multiplayer trivia game! Players answer 25 questions across a broad range of categories, and accumulate cookies as they answer questions correctly. Then, players can "Risk it for the biscuit" and bet their earned cookies on a final trivia question. The player with the most cookies at the end of the game wins! Smart Cookie Trivia was founded with the idea of being able to give trivia-enthusiasts the best trivia experience possible. If you are like us then you want to play a fun, challenging, trivia game with friends and family, or get better at trivia by yourself! If so, we've got your back! With hundreds of categories and tens of thousands of high-quality questions, players are constantly challenged and never get bored.


At Smart Cookie Trivia we are dedicated to: We love talking trivia and chatting with trivia-enthusiasts like you! If you need anything, or have ideas on how to improve our produce (such as category ideas), don't hesitate to contact us! Thank you for your interest in Smart Cookie Trivia!